I Was Called As A Witness, Defends Raj Kundra On ED Interrogation In Bitcoin Scam

| June 6 , 2018 , 12:36 IST

The Enforcement Directorate taking businessman Raj Kundra into interrogation on Tuesday in connection with the Bitcoin scam went viral instantly, due to Kundra's filmy connection, being the husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

Kundra later clarified that he had been taken for questioning as a witness only, and slammed media as 'irresponsible' over the hype when he was taken for questioning.

"Dear Media thanks for your breaking news across the country. I have given you all bytes outside the ED office where I was called as a witness to give evidence. The accused was to buy a team in my league which didn’t happen due to non payment. Thank you," tweeted Raj Kundra.

"Genuinely upset by the irresponsible journalism in India! You Make scandals out of the smallest story without checking facts! Takes years to build reputations and you shake them up in minutes! Again I reiterate I was called as a witness today and have done the needful!" Kundra added.

According to reports, Kundra was being interrogated for his alleged links with Amit Bharadwaj, the kingpin of the cryptocurrency market in India and overseas who was arrested 2 months ago in Delhi.

"We suspect certain bitcoin transactions between the main accused Amit Bharadwaj and Raj Kundra. And we are investigating Kundra to ascertain if he has gained anything from it," a source at the ED said to Moneycontrol.

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"Raj Kundra and Amit Bharadwaj might have some links in Hash mining for Bitcoin in China," the source added.

Kundra said that Bharadwaj offered to buy a team in his poker league using Bitcoin but he rejected Bharadwaj's offer. Kundra added that the ED wants to make him a witness in the case against Bharadwaj, which he has agreed to do.