I Owe It To The People To Apologise For Supporting Demonetisation: Kamal Haasan

| October 18 , 2017 , 15:01 IST

Almost a year after the demonetisation move was announced in November 2016, Kamal Haasan has retracted his earlier support of the move, saying that he owed it to the people to apologise for supporting the move in a hurry.

The Tamil actor who is reportedly planning to make his political debut issued an apology to 'the people' in a column for Tamil Magazine 'Ananda Vikatan' in a piece titled 'A Big Apology'.

Kamal Haasan wrote, "I owe it to the people to apologise for supporting the plan in a hurry."

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When the controversial demonetisation move was announced last November, which rendered the then in use Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes illegal tender, Haasan had tweeted in support, saying "Salute Mr. Modi. This move has to be celebrated across political party lines. Most importantly, by the earnest taxpayers."

Haasan stated that he fully supported the demonetisation as he thought that it would get rid of black money and that people should bear the 'little inconveniences' that arose out of demonetisation.

"Many of my comrades and some people who understand economics called me and criticised me for my views. Later I consoled myself, saying that while the plan was good, there may have been some problems with implementation", Haasan wrote.

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Haasan revealed that as more critics raised their voice against demonetisation, he was filled with doubts as the government did not appear to have a strong rebuttal to the critiques, which led him to change his earlier views towards demonetisation.

Fully believing that the demonetisation was a mistake, Haasan said that the sign of a good leader is the ability to accept making mistakes.

"If the Prime Minister accepts his mistake without being adamant, one more salaam is waiting for him from me. The sign of a good leader is when they can rectify their mistakes and more importantly, accept that they made them. Gandhi was able to do it, today also it is possible", the actor said.