I Am Scared For My Life, Says Victim Threatened With Gun By BSP MP's Brother In Delhi

| October 17 , 2018 , 13:30 IST

A day after the Delhi Police took cognisance and action against Ashish Pandey, son of former BSP MP and brother of current BSP MP, for brandishing a gun outside a hotel in South Delhi after a video of the incident went viral, the victim against whom Pandey was waving the gun sought police protection on Wednesday.

Although the victim, identified as Kanwar Gaurav Singh did not file a complaint when Pandey waved the gun in front of him at the Hyatt Regency hotel in South Delhi, as the police launched a search for Pandey who continues to be missing, Singh filed a written statement with the police.

In his statement, Singh described in detail on the events of that day and expressed that he was scared for his life and requested police protection.

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According to Singh's statement, the row began when he accompanied his woman friend to the ladies' restroom as she was unwell and was vomiting. He claims that 3 women, friends of Pandey, entered the restroom and fought with him after which he left the area when hotel support came in. Singh further says that as they were leaving from the area, Pandey came and brandished his gun, threatening to kill him.

"Then one man in pink pants walked to me and showed me his gun and said I will kill you," says his statement.

"This man got out of his car, showed me his gun and said I will kill you, I am from Lucknow. I requested not to shoot or fight. The girls started showing finger to my friend and my friend also showed her finger back at them," Singh's statement reads.

"I did not go to the police as i am scared for my life and i don't want my family threatened I have a small child i am scared for my life. Please provide me protection and acknowledge my complaint," said the hand-written statement.  

"This man in pink pants as short with beard his friends called him by the name of Ashish. if there is a need to identify him i can identify him," Singh wrote.

View Singh's full statement below: