Post Challenging Darwin's Theory, HRD Minister Questions Newton's Law Of Motion

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| February 28 , 2018 , 19:15 IST

General humans work on the theory of 'once bitten, twice shy' but the same doesn't apply to Minister of State for Human Resources and Development, Satyapal Singh who didn't learn his lesson after embarrassing himself by calling Charles Darwin's theory of evolution "scientifically wrong".

Now, the minister has made an even more appalling claim by stating that 'mantras' codified the 'law of motion' framed by Isaac Newton. He further went on to suggest that the Vaastu conformity of educational buildings was significant for learning.

Singh gave the baffling statement while speaking at a meeting of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) attended by several union ministers on January 15 and 16. The case, however, came to light recently when minutes of the meeting were released by the advisory body.

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The minister was quoted saying, "There are mantras which codified 'laws of motion' much before it was discovered by Newton. Hence it is essential that traditional knowledge must be incorporated into our curriculum."

The minister has earlier challenged Darwin's Theory of evolution claiming that our ancestors never mentioned about watching an ape turning into a man. He went all out and asked the "scientifically wrong" theory to be removed from the school and college curriculum.

"Nobody, including our ancestors, in written or oral, has said they saw an ape turning into a man. No books we have read or the tales told to us by our grandparents had such a mention" he had said.