Hope No Kejriwal Comes Out Of My Movement Again, Says Anna Hazare Announcing Rally

| December 13 , 2017 , 10:05 IST

Revolutionary social activist Anna Hazare who used hunger strikes and protests during his famous anti-corruption movement of 2011, said he hoped that another Arvind Kejriwal doesn't emerge from his movement again.

"I hope no Kejriwal comes out of my movement again," Hazare said to reporters after addressing a public meeting at the Shahid Smarak in Agra.

Hazare slammed the government, Congress and BJP for failing to act on the Jan Lokpal Bill.

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"The (Narendra) Modi government later diluted the provisions of the Jan Lokpal Bill. Both the Congress and the BJP are guilty (in this regard)," the 80-year-old social activist said.

"We do not want a government of capitalists. No Modi, no Rahul (Gandhi). We want a government which works for farmers' interests," Hazare said.

The activist added that a big rally would be organised in Delhi on March 23, urging the farmers to join in huge numbers.

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief/founder Arvind Kejriwal had been a major supporter of Anna Hazare during the 'India Against Corruption' movement in 2011. However, Kejriwal and Hazare differed in their views on whether the movement should be continued politically, with Kejriwal insisting a political angle was required while Hazare preferred to keep the movement unaligned politically.

Subsequently, Arvind Kejriwal separated ways from Hazare and formally launched the Aam Aadmi Party on November 26, 2012. Although AAP gained instant fame, resulting in Kejriwal becoming Chief Minister of Delhi once in 2013 with a minority, after which he resigned in 49 days, and again becoming CM in 2015.