Home Minister Rajnath Singh Says, 'No One Can Question PM Modi Intention And Honesty'

| February 9 , 2019 , 21:06 IST

Union Home Minister and Senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh on Saturday said no one can question the intention and honesty of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking to media Rajnath Singh said "I have known Modi for years, we have worked together. One can allege Modi of not doing much work, but no one can question his intention and honesty."

A day after the Congress directly attacked Modi over corruption charges, Rajnath Singh praised the work done by the PM in his tenure till now. "Under the leadership of Modi, our country's image rose like never before. India is now seen as a strong and powerful country, thanks to the work done by Modi as a Prime Minister," he said.

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Further, the Union Minister added, "The day is not far when India will be among the top three countries in the world. This can be possible only under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We don't want to be a superpower as it will generate fear among people. But we want them to love our country, our people and culture."

Rajnath Singh said Congress president Rahul Gandhi has been misleading the country on the Rafale issue.

"Rahul Gandhi is spreading false facts and illusion on the issue even after the defence minister explained everything in the Parliament."