Himachal Pradesh Elections 2017: BJP Celebrates As Trends Support Their Victory Dreams, Congress Trails Behind

News World India | 6
| December 18 , 2017 , 11:46 IST

The counting for Himachal Pradesh Elections 2017 has started and both Bhartiya Janata Party and Congress have held their breath anticipating the final results. During the campaigning, the battleground of the state became a great platform for the contenders to bring in their A-games.

None of the competitors left a stone unturned to downplay the rival by spewing venom against each other. The explosive counter-attacks of BJP and Congress made the elections results worth-waiting for. Ever since the elections counting began at 8 am sharp on December 18, the entire nation has kept their undivided attention on their TV screens.

As per the latest projections, the ruling party of the state could be seen losing its lead in over 46 seats out of total 68 assembly constituencies whereas BJP members are celebrating their impending victory in the northern state. As the exit polls predicted, BJP seems to be forming a government in Himachal Pradesh by dethroning Congress so far.

Gujarat being the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi might have overshadowed Himachal Pradesh elections but both the states have witnessed the aggressive campaigning from both sides as the elections became the battle of prestige for both the parties.

Following the pattern of forming alternative governments since 1990, BJP is certain that the opposition can easily take over Congress in Himachal's neck to neck battle. The results are likely to be declared by noon in both Gujarat and Himachal.