Following Delhi Govt's Footsteps, Haryana Decides To Cancel Land Lease Of Fortis Gurgaon

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| December 9 , 2017 , 14:45 IST

Delhi government's revolutionary step of cancelling the license of Max Hospital, Shamilar Bagh after the investigation proved the authorities guilty of criminal negligence has inspired Haryana government to take similar steps in Gurgaon's Fortis Hospital case.

Haryana's health minister Anil Vij has seeked the cancellation of hospital's land lease by writing to the state's urban authority. Fortis Gurgaon made it to news when the authorities charged Rs 16 lakh for a 15-day dengue treatment of a seven-year-old girl, who died afterwards.

Adya Singh was diagnosed with dengue shock syndrome before being admitted to Gurgaon's renowned hospital for treatment. During her two-weeks stay at the hospital, her conditions worsened instead of improving. She was shifted to ICU and incubated but nothing worked.

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Singh's father accused the authorities of  pumping his daughter with drugs without performing an MRI or CT scan and when a MRI was finally performed on September 14, Adya brain was 80% damaged already and doctors suggested a 'body plasma transplant', which costed Rs 16 lakh.

However, the little girl was unable to make it for even a day more and succumbed to death on the same day leaving her parents with the bill of Rs 15,79,322. Surprisingly, the bill included documentation fee of Rs 250, consultation fee for a dietitian of Rs 3000, an eye specialist's fee of Rs 13,200.

The bizarre amount charged from the dead girl's parents also included over 1500 gloves and 660 syringes which were used for the treatment of Adya along with Rs 13 sugar strips which were priced at Rs 200 each. Notably, two variants of the same medication with the cost of Rs 3000 and Rs 500 respectively was also included in the bill.