Halwa And The Union Budget, What's The Link?

| January 20 , 2018 , 17:34 IST

Did you know the relation between Halwa and the Union Budget? The sweet item traditionally has a relationship of great importance with the Union Budget as the Halwa ceremony marks the commencement of the printing process of documents of Union Budget.

All the officials of the Finance Ministry involved in the budget printing process are virtually quarantined, as there is a ‘lock-in’ of all these officials. These officials are housed at the Budget press, completely cut-off from the outside world including their families. The Budget Press becomes a fort as no one is allowed to enter or exit the building except the Finance Minister and few select officials.

Special arrangements are made for their food and lodging till the budget is presented. An indoor canteen is used for provisioning food, tea, coffee etc for the officials. A special team of doctors and paramedics is stationed at the budget press to handle any medical emergency.

Each and every movement of these people is closely monitored by the intelligence wings. Even the computers used during this process are delinked from servers to safeguard them from any data leakage.