Gurgaon Hospital Denies Entry To Pregnant Woman Without Aadhaar, Forces To Give Birth Outside Premises

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| February 10 , 2018 , 11:07 IST

A pregnant woman was denied access inside the premises of Gurgaon’s Civil Hospital due to the absence of her Aadhaar which forced the lady to give birth outside the hospital gates on Friday. Screaming and covered with shawls used as makeshift curtains, the woman was pitied by the passersby as she gave birth on the street while authorities made no attempt to admit her.

Hours after the lady gave birth to her daughter, the hospital admitted the new mother and daughter. The Civil Hospital has suspended a doctor along with a nurse for the lapse and ordered a probe into the matter. The victim called Munni reportedly had labour pains around 9 am half an hour after which her family was inside the Civil Hospital but was denied further entry without Aadhaar Card.

Victim's husband Babloo, who works as a Labourer told The Indian Express, "We only had the Aadhaar card number at the time, and said we would get the card as well…We asked them to admit her in the interim so that treatment could begin," adding, "On the basis of my own Aadhaar card, I requested them to admit her as quickly as possible."

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However, all his attempts went in vain as the Hospital authorities demanded a physical copy of Aadhaar Card before coming back. "I went out nearby to try to get a physical copy of the card, leaving my wife on the second floor. I was unable to get the document and, when I returned, they had even thrown her out and she was sitting on the ground outside the hospital, giving birth," Babloo stated.

"She was in a lot of pain and our aim was to get her relief as quickly as possible," he admitted. Both Munni and her daughter are reportedly healthy and recovering but the negligence by hospital authorities cannot be ignored. A probe has been initiated whereas two staff members were suspended. Meanwhile, Munni has been allotted a bed inside the hospital.

Dr Pradeep Sharma, Principal Medical Officer (PMO), "Preliminary investigations have revealed that the woman was denied treatment because she did not have her Aadhaar card. A doctor and a nurse have been suspended for this." He added, "The matter is still being investigated and further action will be initiated according to the findings."