Waste Treatment Plant Stayed, Gurgaon Civic Body Says, Dump Waste Anywhere

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| September 19 , 2017 , 10:38 IST

A new dumpsite polluting the Aravalis having already taken over 2 acres of the seasonal Ghata lake close to the Gurgaon-Faridabad border, was identified by environmentalists, however, the response of the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG), which has jurisdiction over the concerned area, was entirely unexpected.

The MCG said that it can't and won't prevent dumping of waste in the Aravalis or anywhere else since a court case stalled its construction of a waste treatment plant.

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Senior town planner of MCG, Sudhir Chauhan, said to TOI, "Since environmentalists approached the National Green Tribunal in June and managed to get a stay on the plant, we were left with no option but to allow people to dump waste anywhere. This is why we haven't taken any step against waste-dumping at Ghata despite several complaints."

He added, "As no alternative arrangement could be made for dumping of waste, people are free to dump garbage wherever they want till the ban is lifted."

The Haryana state government had planned to build the waste treatment plant across 55 acres in Basai in Gurgaon, but environmentalists protested citing the damage to the area which they said was a wetland and natural habitat for many bird species. The environmentalists argued to the NGT that a waste plant set up there would destroy Basai's ecology.

Meanwhile, construction waster continues to be dumped across every available area in Gurgaon even in the rocky terrains of the Aravalis and Bandhwari, risking damage to the groundwater.

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A group of residents approached the MCG on last Friday regarding the piling garbage but were sent back told by the civic body that there was nothing it could do.

"It is shocking that the MCG refused to help us," said environmentalist Vaishali Chandra Rana, to TOI, "The latest dumpsite has come up in the middle of a green belt in the Aravali foothills, at the slope of Ghata where the rainwater runoff is maximum. This is disastrous for the environment."

Local residents also revealed on Monday that real estate developers had also started depositing their construction wastes at the site.

Another an environmentalist living in the area, said, "Ghata is very eco-sensitive. The dumpsite is close to the jheel. It is not only causing air pollution but is also polluting groundwater. MCG should learn from the Ghazipur mishap that took place in Delhi a few days ago."