Govt To Look Into NCRB Chief's Request For 'Limited Access' To Aadhaar Data For Police

| June 22 , 2018 , 09:14 IST

The central government will be looking into a request made by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Director Ish Kumar to give limited access of the biometric Aadhaar ID card data to the police, Union Minister of State for Home Hansraj Ahir said on Thursday.

Sharing the Aadhaar data with the police would be for the purpose of cracking cases involving first-time offenders and for identification of unidentified bodies.

Ahir, during his address at the 19th All India Conference of Directors of Finger Prints Bureau in Hyderabad, said that suggestions for allowing Aadhaar information sharing and amendments to the Identification of Prisoners Act would be discussed in the ministry.

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He added that the data storage capacity of the Finger Prints Bureau should be enhanced and modernised, which is considered to be a priority for the government since finger prints are scientific evidence considered reliable by investigators and jurists.

NCRB director Kumar, in his speech, said that currently around 50 lakh cases are registered every year across India and most were committed by first time offenders whose fingerprints would not be available in police records.

"There is need for access to Aadhaar data to police for the purpose of investigation. This is essential because 80 to 85 per cent of the criminals every year are first time offenders with no records (of them available) with the police," said Kumar.

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"But they also leave their fingerprints while committing crimethere is need for limited access to Aadhaar, so that we can catch them," he said.

Regarding the second benefit of providing Aadhaar data to the police Kumar said that more than 40,000 unidentified bodies were recovered every year, which could be identified and handed over to their relatives with access to Aadhaar.

"We will have to make some limited access for these two purposes it will be good for investigation," he said.

The biometric Aadhaar ID cards launched by the government has faced opposition over allegations of the ID cards violating the public's Right to Privacy.