Govt Serves 2nd Set Of Notices To Facebook, Cambridge Analytica In Data Breach Case

| April 26 , 2018 , 08:14 IST

The government on Wednesday served a second set of notices to social networking giant Facebook and political analysis firm Cambridge Analytca. The notices were sent over the recent data breach of 5.7 lakh Indian's Facebook accounts after finding 'discrepancies' in the responses given by the firms earlier.

Both companies have been asked to submit their replies to the new notices by May 10.

The notice sent to Facebook, which has already admitted to the data leak, asks it to list out security architecture proposed to be created “so that data concerning Indians are not pilfered or manipulated again for extraneous purposes including to influence the elections”.

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The latest notice sent to Cambridge Analytica, which is accused of using data from Facebook to influence political elections in various nations, flagged the previous response from the firm as 'cryptic and evasive' and sough additional details. .

“It is self-evident that apart from being very cryptic, the unstated intention was to conceal more than reveal,” said the latest notice to Cambridge Analytica.

The government questioned the political firm regarding what kind of data was collected in India as well as the reasearch instruments used to capture the data. The government also asked whether the data mining was done with user consent and whether it was done via third-party app.

On April 4, Facebook Inc had confirmed that the scale of the data leaks of personal information of its users with political analyst firm Cambridge Analytica is estimated at around 87 million people, a considerable increase from the 50 million people reported earlier. Most of the users whose data has been breached are from the US with 81.6 percent, while 0.6 percent (5.6 lakh) are from India.

Cambridge Analytica reportedly played a role in the US Presidential elections and helped current President Donald Trump win the elections. Amidst reports of the data breach, it was alleged that Indian political parties also employed the use of Cambridge Analytica to influence elections in India, giving rise to controversy.