Govt Institutions Misused For Promotion Of PM Modi's Persona And Propaganda : Anand Sharma

| February 12 , 2018 , 19:25 IST

The Congress Party on Monday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not delivering on his promises, berating his predecessors and for using Government machinery for personal propaganda and promotion during his overseas visit.

Addressing a Press Conference, senior Congress leader Anand Sharma criticised the Prime Minister saying that the PM prefers to live in his make-belief world. 

"The Prime Minister, true to his characteristic style continues to insult history and India’s achievements since independence. He prefers to live in his make-belief world and in the past. He is using the same phrases, the same allegations, which he did more than four years ago when he started his campaign to capture power and to become the Prime Minister."

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Sharma advised the Prime Minister to learn to live in the present, give an account of the present and think about the future of the country.

"In 2013-14, a substantial section was mislead into believing him, that what he was saying was true and that he was going to bring about a golden age of this country, a revolutionary transformation. When it comes to the economy, job creation and also India’s recognition as a major power of the world. He has singularly failed when it comes to delivering on his promises, which he never believed himself in, but people did."

Sharma alleged that the Prime Minister is attending events organised by the Government where even the audience members are managed by the Government to create an image that all the Indians living outside are eager to meet him. 

Sharma said that India was already recognized as a major power, as a nuclear power, as a space power, as a global leader in IT-enabled services before Modi.

"He should not berate his predecessors, previous Governments nor insult the great achievements of the Indian nation and the Indian people before he became the Prime Minister of the Indian Republic. His thinking, his mindset is authoritarian. This is undemocratic and it bodes ill for the country," he added.

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Sharma said that people were forced to gather and attend the events of PM.

"He created a platform through the Government agencies and the Indian Embassies to bring people with clear directives to the Indian companies to bring their workers, their employees and insulting them by saying that 80% should be the blue-collar workers. They have no option but to come and to cheer the Prime Minister."

Sharma said that the Government owes an explanation as to why they have allowed instruments and institutions of the State to be misused for personal promotion or the persona of the Prime Minister and also for his propaganda.