Manohar Parrikar's Govt Plans On Penalising Drinking In Public Places In Goa

| February 2 , 2018 , 19:08 IST

In wake of the Budget 2018-19 presentation, Goa CM Manohar Parikar is planning to announce Drinking in public places as a punishable offence in the state. People indulging in the practice will reportedly be fined up to Rs 5000 after the law is officially implemented.

While addressing a 'Swachh Bharat Mission' programme organised by state panchayat department, Parrikar said, "Soon, drinking in public places would be a punishable offence. We will impose a fine up to Rs 5,000 on the violators. The state government will issue a necessary order in this regard after the Budget session of the assembly."

Despite the budget being presented, the session will begin later this month. Goa CM clarified that the act of public drinking should be penalised to reduce the littering caused at public places in the form of empty liquor bottles that are scattered on roads and beaches.

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Parrikar added, "The state government would amend the Garbage Management Act which will prescribe fines for similar offences, thus curtailing them to a large extent." The proposed punishment if implemented will allow the government to take strict actions against the non-abiders.

The amendment will punish those who refrain from throwing garbage at their designated places. "With these two measures, almost 90 percent of the issues related to garbage and the nuisance (caused by drunk people) will be resolved," he said.

Goa government is also procuring buses that run on biofuel generated from the state-run solid waste management plant. Expecting to introduce 40-50 such biofuel buses in the next six months, Parrikar expressed, "Goa will become the first state in the country to run buses on biogas generated from the waste treated at its own solid waste treatment plant."