Girl Accidently Shoots Mother With Loaded Pistol Mistaking It For A 'Toy' Gun

| June 18 , 2018 , 11:10 IST

In a painful accident, a minor girl in the Hooghly district of West Bengal on Sunday accidentally shot her mother with a real loaded pistol which the girl had been playing with thinking it to be a toy. While the gun-shot was not fatal, the mother has been admitted to the hospital for further treatment.

According to the police, the gun was found by the mother Kakoli Jana in a garden outside their house at Khanakul in Arambag on Sunday morning and gave the gun to her daughter, thinking it to be a toy.

A police officer said that as the girl was playing with the gun, she fired it accidentally shooting her mother on her back.

"The injured woman was rushed to Arambag Hospital. Her condition is critical," he said.

"The girl said the pistol suddenly went off and the bullet hit her mother sitting in the room. She is in a state of shock," the officer said.

Meanwhile, the girl has been detained for questioning and the police are investigating how the pistol came to be in the garden in the first place.

Such incidents of real guns coming into the hands of children and even toddlers is common in the US where the purchase of real guns is comparatively easy. In India, purchasing of arms by common citizens is not as common, making such incidents of real guns coming into the hands of children rare.