Getting Into Congested Roads Might Entice Levy In Delhi: Lt Governor Anil Baijal

| March 13 , 2018 , 17:35 IST

Driving in congested lanes in Delhi during rush hours could appeal a levy, a move intended to decongest the roads within the national capital, Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal said on Monday.

The first initiative of this type could be applied after it was examined by a group of consultants, stated Baijal, including the implementation arrangements that have been put into practice.

Baijal said, "All around the world between a sure interval to a sure interval, there’s a congestion cost. We’re adding this different as a solution to decongest a number of the roads which get clogged, significantly throughout the peak hours."

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Baijal referred to Singapore as a place where such system is in practice. He added that internationally many cities use congestion tax. “Even Singapore has a system of charging congestion fee if a vehicle enters a highly congested zone during peak morning and evening hours. They have an electronic system in place to deduct the fee,” he said.

It was not yet clear as to which all vehicles would be covered and how the charges would be levied. Also the quantum of charge was yet to be worked out.

The Lieutenant-Governor indicated it was additionally into account to declare a number of the roads as ‘one-way’ to decongest them.

"We are looking at the possibility of declaring roads which could be made one-way. But that is a subject matter of study. We are looking for a group of experts to do that" he said.

While giving the details about the plan he said, "Vehicles will have a sticker and the moment they enter a notified congested stretch, the toll will be deducted. We are working on what the best model would be."

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For the first time, Baijal mentioned that a parking policy for Delhi might be rolled out quickly. He said, "Now we have put the draft of the coverage in public area, inviting objections and strategies. That exercise  is over. I’m hopeful that quickly the parking coverage for Delhi could be applied."

The high court has asked the city government to come up with a blueprint on how it plans to decongest city roads.