Gauri Lankesh Murder: This Is What The CCTV Footage Revealed

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| September 7 , 2017 , 10:47 IST

The death of senior journalist and social activist Gauri Lankesh on Tuesday night when she was gunned down in front of her home in Bengaluru, triggered nation-wide protests and justice for her.

As the probe into the murder began, the police scoured through the footage of the 2 CCTV cameras that had been set up in front of Lankesh's house 15 days back. While initial reports had said that there were 3 assailants who attacked Lankesh, police now say that the number of people involved is not confirmed.

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Unfortunately, the Bengaluru police on Wednesday said that they had not made any major breakthrough in identifying and nabbing the perpetrators.

"The footage is not very clear. But it shows a man wearing a black helmet following Gauri after she gets down from her car and entering the compound and opening fire at her. We are collecting footage from all CCTV cameras along the stretch between Basavanagudi, from where Gauri left, and Rajarajeshwari Nagar, before she was shot dead," Police commissioner T Suneel Kumar said about the CCTV footage recovered from Lankesh's home.

In the CCTV footage, Lankesh was first seen stopping the car in front of the gate of her house, where she sat for a few minutes in the seat before stepping out.

"Keeping the car engine and headlights on with music playing, Gauri got down and entered the compound using the small gate next to the big one. Then she walked to the big gate and opened the latch. The assailant appeared at this moment, entered the small gate and fired at her. A bullet entered Gauri's rib and she tried to run. The assailant ran behind her and shot at least four more rounds at her and fled," the officer said.

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"From what we gather, soon after bullets were fired, a single headlight beam was turned on and its light fell on Gauri's car. The next second, the vehicle took a turn and sped away. Its reflection on the car reveals it was a two-wheeler. Based on these facts, we suspect the assailant used a two-wheeler as his getaway vehicle. The assailant is a man of medium height," sources were quoted as saying.

Gauri's younger brother Indrajit Lankesh, said that based on her postmortem report, 3 bullets were found in her body.

"Two were found in the lungs, while the third one in the heart. The one which hit the heart proved fatal," he said.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had announced that a special investigation team (SIT) would be constituted to probe the murder of Lankesh, which he termed as an 'organised crime'. The SIT team is to be headed by Inspector-general B K Singh with Bengaluru DCP (West) M N Anucheth, as the lead investigator and around 19 other officers will be part of the team.