From Zero To Hero: Story Of BJP In Tripura

| March 3 , 2018 , 12:44 IST

The Bharatiya Janata Party looks all set to form Government in Tripura as the party leads on more seats then it needs to cross the majority mark. The ruling CPI (M) looks decimated and the Congress party seems like an outlier.

The results and the trends clearly show a saffron surge in the state that has been a left bastion for decades.

BJP did not win a single seat in the last assembly elections that took place in 2013. None of its candidates even came as a runner-up. Only two BJP candidates were able to cross 1000 votes. The party was able to win just 1.54% of the total valid votes that were cast in the state. Most of the candidates who forfeited their deposits in Tripura were from BJP.

The situation today is radically opposite. BJP seems to be winning more than 30 seats in the 60-seat assembly. On other seats, most of its candidates are on number two. As of now, the party had gained more than 41% of the total votes counted. That’s a multi-fold increase in its score. After winning Assam, BJP gave the north-east its utmost importance forging the North-east Democratic Alliance, involving party General Secretary Ram Madhav and Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in the day to day affairs in the state. It also customised its campaign on the local issues.

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Biplab Kumar Deb, the state president of the BJP is expected to be the next Chief Minister of the state.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) had won 49 seats in the last elections and had got 48.11% of the total votes that were cast. This major victory gave Manik Sarkar his fourth consecutive tenure as the Chief Minister of the state, a rare achievement in Indian politics. Sikkim CM Prem Kumar Chamling is the only other Chief Minister to have this achievement who is currently serving his fifth consecutive term.

The Congress party that had won 10 seats and close to 37% of the total votes in the 2013 legislative election is nowhere in the picture. While none of their candidates seems to be the winner, only one candidate from the Congress party is on number two. Birajit Sinha who won the Kailashahar Assembly in 2013 is trailing by more than 6500 votes.