The Fourth Bullet That Killed Mahatma Gandhi, Assassination Probe May Reopen

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| October 5 , 2017 , 17:00 IST

As the country celebrated the 148th anniversary of the father of the nation, conspiracy theorists have once against brought up the unsolved mystery of Mahatma Gandhi's assassination.

In what was mostly conspicuous theories on the murder, the theorists raised the queries about the gun used, the number of shots fired and the possibility of another shooter.

While it has been years since the assassination took place, anything even remotely related to the nation's father still attracts attention, enough to take us back to Madhya Pradesh's Gwalior where the weapon of murder came from.

According to a report in Times of India, a 1948 police report had allegedly accused Dr Dattatraya Parchure of providing the Beretta (weapon of murder). Godse used the gun to fire three shots at Mahatma Gandhi.

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Interestingly, the Parchure owned another Beretta, registered under the number 719791, which had the same registration number as another gun owner in Gwalior named Uday Chand.

On the other hand, the gun used for was murder was registered under the number 606824.

Both of Parchure's guns were confiscated by the police in the murder investigation afterwards. While the murder weapon was taken on the spot, the second one was discovered later in the probe.

Veer Savarkar devotee Dr Pankaj Phadnis,  had earlier demanded a fresh probe into the murder of late Mahatma Gandhi claiming that there were four shots fired instead of three and it was the fourth one that took his life.

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In the petition scheduled to be heard in the court on October 6, Phadnis wants to know of Godse only fired three bullets, who fired the fourth one that killed the leader.

Gwalior has a larger role to play than just lead the gun trail. According to an enclosed letter from Delhi IG police, the team wanted to know whether the bullets found in Gwalior matched the ones found at the scene.