Former MP CM Shivraj Assures People About Their Work, Quotes Himself As 'Tiger Abhi Zinda Hai'

| December 20 , 2018 , 17:20 IST

After a hard fought battle, Shivraj Singh Chouhan dethroned by a margin of just seven seats in Madhya Pradesh. Despite being defeated in the elections, Chouhan said people should not worry about their works as, "Tiger Abhi Zinda Hai."

Former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan took a nod from Bollywood star Salman Khan's movie 'Tiger Zinda Hai' to convince the voters of his home constituency Budhni.

He assured the public by saying that "Koi ye chinta mat karna ki hamara kya hoga. 'Main hun na Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Tiger abhi zinda hai." Chouhan further said during his government, works were completed by simply signing documents. But, now in Congress rule they will have to fight for the rights. "Pehle ek sign se kaam ho jate the, Ab ladkar kaam honge. Par kaam purey zaroor honge."

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Addressing the public, Chouhan expressed his gratitude towards the voters of his constituency for their love and support. He said even during oath ceremony of Congress leader Kamal Nath, people called him affectionately as 'Mama' and took selfies with him. "The love and support of people give me immense power to face adversities. For a big leap one has to walk two steps back", said Chouhan.