Food And Water Should Be Sold At Regular Price In Multiplexes, Says Bombay HC

| April 5 , 2018 , 11:49 IST

The Bombay High Court on Wednesday stated that the cost of food and water inside multiplexes was 'exorbitant' and should be sold at regular prices. The Maharashtra government told the court that it would soon frame a policy on the issue.

A division bench of justices S M Khemkar and M S Karnik were hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Mumbai resident Jainedra Baxi challenging the ban on packed food and water bottles inside cinema halls, especially multiplexes across the state.

Justice SM Kemkar said, "The price of food and water bottles sold inside movie theatres are, indeed, exorbitant. We have ourselves experienced it. You [multiplexes] should sell it at the regular price."

Kemkar further said, "If multiplexes do not allow people to carry their own food inside their premises, they should prohibit food vendors too from selling eatables inside."

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In his, PIL Baxi highlighted that patrons are not allowed to carry their own food items and water bottles inside theatres when there is no legal restriction on permitting the same inside cinema halls, but fast food is being served in several theatres, especially multiplexes and also permitted to be consumed inside theatres.

The plea also claimed that the ban on personal food articles affects elderly individuals who cannot eat the junk food served at theatres.

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The court said it will hear the case on June 12.

Earlier, Baxi’s advocate Aditya Pratap had said the license that the state issues to movie theatres must have a mandatory clause directing them against banning personal food articles.