Ex Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat Says, Demonetisation Had No Impact On Black Money

| December 3 , 2018 , 13:07 IST

Retired chief election commissioner OP Rawat claimed on Sunday that note ban exercised by the Modi government had absolutely no impact on the black money. 

He also said that the amount of money seized during election shows that, money comes from sources which are "influential" and not affected by demonetisation.

In an interview with The Indian Express ex-chief election commissioner said, "After demonetisation, we seized a record amount of money during elections. Even in elections to these five states, seizures have been close to Rs 200 crore. It shows that money during elections is coming from sources which are very influential and are not affected by such measures."

Rawat’s statement contradicts Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that the decision to scrap Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes in November 2016 would crackdown on black money, among other things.

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Talking on the EVMs malfunctioning debate, OP Rawat said in his tenure he had never come across an instance of EVM tampering. He also reiterated that the Indian EVM is "unique" and that most political parties in the country have faith in the functioning of EVMs.

He also said, "Some ask why is it that developed countries are not using EVMs? Some say it does not have Internet access and so it is obsolete. Yes, it is obsolete and that is why it cannot be tampered with. It cannot be connected to the Internet and so there is no chance of any hacking. The Indian EVM is unique."

On the removal of Mizoram chief electoral officer, former CEO said, "that’s a big example of how big campaigns can turn the tables, even if there is no fault of yours."