Even BJP MPs Are Scared To Speak: Rahul Gandhi

| June 11 , 2018 , 14:41 IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday alleged that there was fear in the country and that even Lok Sabha MPs from BJP were scared of speaking in front of the Prime Minister. Gandhi was speaking at the OBC Conclave of the party at the Talkatora Stadium in Delhi.

“Some time back few OBC MPs from Moji Ji’s party approached me in Parliament. I won’t name them; else Modi Ji will throw them out. When I ask them how things were, one of them said he felt like the biggest fool in the country.”

“We brought Modi Ji to power and today Modi Ji does not allow us to speak a single word in front of him. I am not speaking for myself; all of these MPs are scared. We are Lok Sabha MPs but we are not heard, only the RSS is given a hearing.” Gandhi further added.

Speaking at the conclave Gandhi claimed that OBCs were discriminated in politics and the doors of the banks were shut for them, which was hindering their progress.

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“The Prime Minister of India says our people lack skills. This is false. There is no dearth of skill in the country especially among the OBCs of the country.”

Giving examples of European and American entrepreneurs and achievers Gandhi said that while our people have the skills to make it big, they are discriminated by the banks and the political system.

“While the doors of the banks are open to Ford, Mercedes and McDonalds, they are closed for dhaba-owners, mechanics, potters, artisans etc.”

We want to give you political rights, and give you representation in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, unlike the BJP and RSS.