Enter Politics To Fight Communalism And Corruption, CM Kejriwal Tells Kamal Haasan

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| September 21 , 2017 , 17:06 IST

Meeting the South superstar Kamal Haasan on Thursday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal invited him to join active politics and join the fight against corruption and communalism.

The AAP leader, after his meeting with the superstar, said: " We had an excellent meeting, we exchanged our ideas. He should enter into politics to fight communalism and corruption."

Kejriwal and Kamal Haasan met at an hour-long luncheon meeting at the actor's Eldams Road residence in Chennai where they addressed the media saying that it was important that when India was battling corruption and communalism, all like-minded people should talk to each other and work in harmony.

The AAP supremo said, "I am really happy to learn that a large number of people of the country are against communalism and corruption but rarely people have the courage to speak their mind."

"Kamal Haasan is a man of integrity and courage. He has the courage to stick his neck out and talk about communalism and corruption. A lot of people feel strongly against these things but don't come out and express," said the Delhi Chief Minister after the meeting.

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"Rather than from speaking from outside, he should enter politics and fight these forces," he added.

The AAP leader said that the two had a good discussion over the political situation in Tamil Nadu and that they "will continue to discuss with each other."

Kamal Haasan, on the other hand said that it was an honour learning that Delhi CM Kejriwal wanted to meet him. He added that his residence was always politically active during his father's time though he himself had kept away from it.

Following the anticipation of the actor joining politics, Haasan said, "You can very well guess what we would have discussed. Whoever is fighting corruption and communalism are his relatives, said Haasan adding, "That way this relationship will continue."

He said, "The reason why we got together and the purpose is singular... Kejriwal has a national profile of fighting corruption and communalism. And whoever is fighting these forces are my relatives. I have a little reputation similar to that. It is no wonder that we decided to have a dialogue on the existing situation. It is a learning experience for me and a learning curve for me."

"I am on an educational tourism and asking anybody who is fighting corruption and communalism to give me advice on how to go about in my endeavour," he added.

Of late, there are anticipations of the actor is looking to join politics as is another Tamil actor Rajinikanth.

Delhi Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday met Kamal Haasan at his residence after he was received by his daughter Akshara at the airport. The actor had earlier met Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and declared that saffron was not his colour.