Madhya Pradesh By-Polls: EC Goes Soft On CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan For Violating Model

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| February 24 , 2018 , 12:42 IST

The ongoing by-elections in the Mungaoli and Kolaras constituencies of Madhya Pradesh have become a battle of prestige for Bhartiya Janata Party and Congress. While Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has not left any stone unturned during the high-voltage campaigning, he also tried to use his political power to his advantage to woo the voters.

Breaking the model code of conduct which was effective in Madhya Pradesh from January 18, 2018, Chauhan addressed the public in Mungaoli on February 16 and indirectly promised the people of making a bridge on the river between Kukreta and Buxanpur violating the spirit of MCC. Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee has brought the matter to EC's notice.

The post examining the situation carefully and finding the BJP leader guilty, the Election Commission issued a notice to Shivraj Singh Chauhan advising him to be "more careful" in his words while making public speeches. Congress doesn't seem to be satisfied with the step taken but is in no position to question the authority of poll watchdog.

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However, another BJP leader Yashodhara Raje Scindia followed Chauhan's lead and ended up intimidating a group at Gram Padora on February 17. In an enclosed CD with the complaint, Raje was noted threatening electors of not voting on "Hand" symbol if they want the benefits of certain government schemes.

Election Commission has gone ahead and asked the minister to present her stance. However, the commission didn't find her reply satisfactory and deemed her guilty of offence. The commission, therefore, censured Scindia for violating the provisions of MCC and requested her to become a responsible "political leader" and pay heed to her words during elections.

The commission has also summoned MP's Minister of Urban Development and Housing Development, Maya Singh for intimidating the voters of not voting for any party other than the ruling one to get benefit of government schemes. EC has directed the minister to submit her reply in the matter by 5 pm of February 25, failing which, appropriate actions will be taken against her.