DU Students Stage Protests Outside Delhi Police HQ After Being Hit By Semen-Filled Balloons

| March 1 , 2018 , 15:47 IST

The horrifying incidents targeting women during Holi have stained the festival of colour, literally and figuratively. People have been throwing balloons filled with dirty water and harmful colours at others in name of the high-spirited festival but the latest ingredient added to the list is straightforwardly disgusting.

The reports suggesting that few students of Delhi University have been hit by the balloons filled with semen have enraged the entire nation. One of the students, who recently became the victim of this indecent act took the incident to Facebook, prompting many other from the student body to protest against the sickening incident.

Many students and teachers from Lady Shri Ram College, Jesus and Mary College along with other Delhi University affiliated colleges holding posters and placards in hands, staged protests against the shameful flinging of semen in name of Holi outside Delhi Police Headquarters on Thursday. They urged the authorities to scale up their security measures for women.

The student union has reportedly approached the Delhi Police on Wednesday to complain about semen-filled balloons being hurled at the female students. "As incidents of throwing semen-filled balloons at LSR students was brought to the notice of the students’ union, we have formally requested for increased police patrol in the college vicinity," the union stated.

A first-year student of LSR described her incident of being hit by "liquid-filled balloon" near Amar Colony. "It dried white on my black leggings, and the foreign smell clearly indicated that it wasn’t water," she explained. The student only realised that the gooey material was nothing but semen after some time and demanded an apology from the supposed culprits.

Just after a few hours of the incident, a similar incident took place where a student was hit by three such balloons around 8 pm in the evening. She called few of her friends, who told her to call the Police. They directed the authorities to the house from where the balloons were thrown following which, the residents wrote an apology.