Latest Smuggling Racket: Dogs From Russia, Eastern Europe

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 31 , 2017 , 10:02 IST

Evergreen contraband items for smuggling are undoubtedly drugs and gold, however, a new trend has emerged of dogs being smuggled into India from Russia and eastern Europe. The furry fliers are often sedated or stunned and then bagged and hidden inside suitcases which are checked-in during flights.

Customs authorities at Delhi's IGI airport have started scanning bags arriving from eastern Europe and Russia to check for any signs of dogs hidden in suitcases. The sedated dogs are often hidden between clothes and other items to conceal them during scanning.

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"The animal goes through a lot of suffering. It is really painful to see them stuffed in bags," said a source.

Last year as well customs authorities intercepted several passengers attempting to smuggle pregnant dogs into India.

"These are some exotic breeds and they are sold in the local markets at a premium," said the source.

According to reports, dogs are also smuggled into the country to participate in 'dog fights' which are popular in parts of Punjab and in some areas in the capital.

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"These dogs are sedated, they are hungry and when they are made to fight they often end up killing the opponent," said the source.

Any passenger planning to bring a pet into the country is required to obtain a certificate from the authorities in order to import the pet. Authorities have noted though that the one-time-use certificates are recycled and attempted to be used again.

"We have come across several cases where an attempt to recycle the same certificate was made. Our officers nabbed them each time," said the source.

The smuggling racket continues to be under investigation.