Denied Ambulance By Hospital, Relatives Forced To Carry Deceased On Shoulder

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| February 17 , 2018 , 14:42 IST

A man was forced to carry his kin's dead body on his shoulder after a government hospital located in Uttar Pradesh's Sambhal city denied them an ambulance. The family alleged that they had to carry the deceased on a motorcycle for final rites.

The shocking incident soon reached the office of District magistrate who has ordered an investigation into the matter. The deceased was rushed to the hospital after getting injured while helping his grandfather in the field but passed away on the way.

Police told ANI, "The deceased was helping his grandfather in the field two days ago. He got injured and was rushed to the local hospital but scummed to his injures on the way. The hospital authority allegedly asked the relatives to immediately to take the body and leave."

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The relatives of deceased have accused the hospital authorities of asking them to leave upon their arrival, forcing them to carry the dead body on 2-wheeler to their home. They further accused of not being provided a stretcher or ambulance.

A relative of deceased said, "The moment doctors seen the boy, they asked us to leave. We had to carry the body on our shoulders as they did not provide stretcher nor ambulance. We bought the body on the bike as the hospital authority didn't even provide us anything." 

However, the hospital authorities have denied of accepting any allegations and accused the deceased's family of leaving without completing the formalities. Dr Amrita Sinha confirmed that the boy's family left without informing.

She said, "I was informed that the boy was brought dead to the hospital. The hospital authority was informing the police about the case when the relatives of the deceased took the body away. If they would have informed us, we would have surely provided them the ambulance."