Shocking! Delhi Woman Stabs Flipkart Courier Man For Delaying Her Phone Delivery

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| March 30 , 2018 , 18:11 IST

How angry can a person be to stab another? Very! Seems like same was the case with a 30-year-old Delhi woman who was enraged with the delay in her mobile phone delivery which she ordered on e-commerce platform Flipkart and stabbed the delivery boy 20 times.

The woman was allegedly furious as her delivery wasn't made on the date promised and attacked the courier boy in the moment of fury. After stabbing the 28-year-old identified as Keshav, the culprit along with her brother dumped his wounded body outside their house.

Following the incident, the injured man called the Police lying near a drain in Chandan Vihar which took him to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital. The delivery man is said to be in a critical condition currently and battling for his life has recorded his statement with the authorities.

Police have cracked the case with the help of CCTV footage and victim's statement. The victim has told the Police that he was supposed to deliver an Rs 11,000 mobile phone to a lady named as Kamal Deep on March 21 but the delivery was delayed due to unspecified reasons.

Keshav affirmed that the day kept calling him throughout the day and sounded pretty angry on the phone. Being new to the area, the victim confirmed of having difficulty in finding her home but when finally reached her place, she was raging and rushed towards him with a kitchen knife.

He confirmed that the culprit's brother tried to soothe her fury but she snapped at him. Dejected, her brother helped her in overpowering Keshav and looted him of Rs 40,000. The siblings have been arrested and charged with attempted murder, intentionally causing injury and committing a robbery.