Delhi Police Solves Vasant Kunj Triple Murder Case, Arrests Teenager Son Who Posed As Victim

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| October 11 , 2018 , 12:12 IST

Delhi Police on Wednesday cracked the sensational triple murder case in less than 24 hours by arresting the 19-year-old son of the deceased family.

Suraj alias Sarnam Verma confessed to killing his parents and sister at their house saying he was holding a grudge against them since his parents raised an objection about his lifestyle and his disinterest in studies.

Suraj killed his father, Mithilesh Verma (45), mother Siya (40) and sister Neha(15) using a kitchen knife. He also injured himself to portray the case as an attempt of robbery. Confessing his crime to the police, the accused also revealed that he planned his own kidnapping a few years back.

Sources told News World India that after committing the murder, accused Suraj ransacked the house and washed off his fingerprints from the knife and then alerted neighbours at around 5:30 AM.

A senior police official said, “With the arrest of Suraj @ Sarnam Verma son of the deceased Mithlesh resident of Kishangarh aged 19 years a sensational case of triple murder case registered in Vasant Kunj police station of North Delhi has been solved. He murdered his parents and younger sister.”

He further added, “FSL team and crime team was called. Weapon of crime - knife and scissors have been recovered and verified from the place he purchased the same. He has confessed his guilt.”