Delhi: 3 Dead And 5 Injured In A Gang-War In Sant Nagar

| June 18 , 2018 , 15:22 IST

A gang war in the national capital’s Sant Nagar left three people dead and at least five others injured on Monday.

Bullet shots shocked the city on Monday morning in the Sant Nagar area of New Delhi. The gang war broke out between the Tillu Gang and Gogi Gang. The incident took place at around 10:15 AM, when the members of Jitendra Gogi gang opened fire at the members of Tillu Tajpuria gang, while they were leaving their gym.

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According to the reports in media, Mukesh who was a member of the Tillu gang is amongst the two deceased men. The other person is yet to be identified. A woman who was in the vicinity at the time of firing also lost her life.

According to a senior police officer’s media briefing, the fight started when members of the Tillu gang, who were in a Scorpio, were hit by a Fortuner, allegedly being driven by members of the Gogi gang. This led to both sides firing at each other.

The special cell of Delhi Police and the Crime Branch is investigating the matter.