Pakistani Gang Sells Debit Card, Credit Details Of Indians Online For Rs 500: MP Cyber Cell

| October 17 , 2017 , 11:18 IST

Shopping, retail and booking of facilities online is a great convenience as everything can be purchased and paid for from the comfort of a person's own home, by means of debit cards and credit cards. To ensure safety for the public, several safety filters are in place, such as the CVV number, connected phone numbers and email IDs, and the important OTP (One Time Password).

The Madhya Pradesh Police Cyber Cell has busted an international gang led by a Pakistani national operating from Lahore, involved in selling debit and credit card details of Indians, including all the particulars of the bank account the card is connected with, and its linked phone numbers, email IDs and CVV number, for the price of just Rs 500.

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While online shopping in India requires the use of an OTP, the same is not required while purchasing from international sites, allowing criminals to use the stolen cards.

The MP cyber cell was first alerted of the gang after a banking professional Jaykishan Gupta filed a complaint that Rs 72,401 was spent from his credit card on August 28. The gang was busted when a detective posing as a customer bought the debit card details of an Indore-based woman in exchange for Bitcoins. The subsequent investigation led to the arrest of two members of the gang from Mumbai.

"Our investigation revealed that the card was used to buy air tickets for one Rajkumar Pillai of Mumbai. Pillai and his accomplice Ramprasad Nadar were rounded up," said MP cyber cell SP Jitendra Singh.

"Pillai was a former employee of US-based IT service provider Cognizant and Nadar was employed with HDFC bank," he added.