Convert Waste To Wealth, Dung To Gobar-Dhan: PM Modi In Mann Ki Baat

| February 25 , 2018 , 14:15 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country in the 41st edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday. The programme started with the PM praising the works of Padma winners whose names were announced on the eve of Republic Day. He called upon society to hear the stories of these winners so that they could enrich and inspire others. The PM also highlighted the benefits of the Gobar-Dhan scheme.

Here are the key points from his address:

  • “In the current budget, emphasis has been laid on turning ‘waste to wealth’ and ‘waste to energy’ through Biogas, under the Swachch Bharat Campaign. The aim of this Gobar-Dhan scheme is ensuring cleanliness in villages and generating wealth and energy by converting cattle dung and solid agricultural waste into Compost and Bio Gas,” PM Modi said on Gobar-Dhan scheme.

  • “Under the Gobardhan Scheme, our farmer brothers & sisters in rural India will be encouraged to consider dung and other waste not just as a waste but as a source of income. Under the ‘GobarDhanYojana’, it will be easier to keep the village clean and sanitized, livestock health will improve and farm yields will increase,” PM Modi added.

  • “An online trading platform will be created for the better implementation of ‘Gobar Dhan Yojana’, it will connect farmers to buyers so that farmers can get the right price for dung and agricultural waste. I invite you to become part of the movement comprising clean energy and green jobs, to become a part of the initiative to convert waste in your village to wealth and by converting dung into Gobar-dhan,” PM in Mann Ki Baat.

  • “I remember the words of Swami Vivekananda. He’d said ‘The idea of perfect womanhood is perfect independence’. This idea of Swami Ji expresses the contemplation of woman power in Indian culture. Today, it is our duty to ensure the participation of women in every field of life, be it social or economic life, it is our fundamental duty,” PM Modi said.

  • "In a unique move, Chhattisgarh celebrated 'Trash Mahotsav'. The objective of this festival was to generate awareness about cleanliness and the methods using which city’s waste can be creatively used and recycled," he said. 

  • “After 70 years of spending their lives in darkness, three villages of Elephanta Island received electricity recently. This is not just electricity, but a new beginning of a period of development," PM Modi said in Mann Ki Baat. 

  • “Science and Technology are value neutral. They don’t possess any value in themselves. Any machine will work the way we want it to. It entirely depends on us what task we want it to perform. Hence, the human objective becomes important. Technology must be used only for the welfare of humankind,” PM Modi said.

  • “Day by day machines are becoming smarter and technology and artificial intelligence can be used widely to enhance the lives of poor. I urge scientists to find ways in which we can enhance the lives of our 'divyang' brothers and sisters through artificial intelligence,” he added. 

  • “Indian land has given birth to many a great scientist. On one hand, there are great mathematicians like Baudhayana, Bhaskara, Brahmagupta and Aryabhatta. On the other hand, greats such as Sushryta and Charaka in the field of medicine are our pride,” PM Modi said in Mann Ki Baat.

PM Modi concludes his address with Holi greetings to people across the country. "Holi conveys the message of love, unity and brotherhood. I wish a very joyous festival of Holi to all my countrymen, and hope that this festival forever remains a festival of colourful cheer in their lives.”