Congress Working Committee Targets Modi Govt on Assam NRC, Mehul Choksi And Rafale

| August 4 , 2018 , 18:43 IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday chaired the CWC meeting held at the party headquarters in New Delhi. This is the second CWC meet after the body was recently reconstituted. Addressing a press conference after the meeting Randeep Singh Surjewala said, “The CWC discussed issues of importance including NRC Process in Assam, Modi Government’s corruption, crumbling economy, rising unemployment and the agrarian crisis in the nation.”

Surjewala claimed the NRC process to be a legacy of the Rajiv Gandhi Government. He said that the NRC Process was initiated by the Congress Party in terms of the historical ‘Assam Accord’ (15th August, 1985), authored and signed by the then PM Rajiv Gandhi.

As per Surjewala, after preparing elaborate framework, putting in place the modalities, identifying and affixing processes and building a consensus among the stakeholders; Congress Governments, in Assam and at the Centre, had initiated the NRC Process in the year 2005 to identify the foreigners, who had illegally entered India.

“By May 2016, Tarun Gogoi led Assam Government had completed 80% of the NRC process,” Surjewala said.

“The Congress Party once again reiterates its commitment to the Assam Accord under the framework agreement under which NRC process is being implemented,” Surjewala added.

Speaking of the 4 million people left out of the final draft list of NRC, Surjewala said these people included indigenous Assamese, Hindu Bengalis, Nepalis, Gorkhas, tea tribe members, serving and retired forces members, religious minorities and people from different parts of the country who settled in Assam.

"CWC believes that each Indian citizen should be given a chance to prove his citizenship. Congress party will support every Indian who has not been able to claim their citizenship and missed themselves on this list," Surjewala said.

Surjewala alleged that the BJP was using the NRC process to destroy the fabric of our society as they wanted to divert people from their colossal failure, corruption, and unemployment.

The CWC also held a comprehensive discussion on the Rafael issue and the bank frauds.

Surjewala questioned if the government hid the prices of Rafael as they did not have an explanation for 300% hike in the price of the jets. He once again asked why a Private company was given a contract side-lining a PSU.

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On the issue of bank frauds and Mehul Choksi, Surjewala said, “Bhagodo ka saath aur bhagodo ka vikas (with the absconders, for the absconders) has become the new slogan of Modi government. The latest example is getting Antigua's nationality to Mehul Choksi.”

Surjewala said that CWC discussed how the MEA in May 2017, as part of Modi Government’s conspiracy gave a clean chit to Antigua for a passport to Mehul Choksi. A similar chit was given by SEBI for Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi.

Surjewala claimed that Interpol’s clean chit to Choksi was because till May 2017 neither the CBI nor the ED provided any red-corner notice or evidence to Interpol.

“On 7 May 2015, the PMO, Serious fraud investigation office, CBI, ED and other agencies were in the know of all the scam. The PMO itself acknowledge a copy of the complaint on 26th May 2015.”

After the CWC meet, Congress President Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter and wrote, “The CWC met today. As a team, we discussed the political situation in the country & the huge opportunity for the Congress to highlight issues of corruption and failure of the government to provide jobs to our youth. Thank you to all those who attended today’s meeting.”

In a separate tweet, Gandhi gunned at the Modi government on the Rafale issue and wrote, “One of the highlights of today’s CWC meeting, was Mr. Antony’s brilliant description of the Rafale robbery: 130,000 Cr. stolen from the people of India and given to a friend who was 45,000 crore in debt. #RafaleScam ”