Congress: If PMO Was In The Know Of The PNB Scam Why Did They Allow Nirav Modi To Escape?

| February 15 , 2018 , 16:51 IST

The Congress party on Thursday attacked the Modi Government on the PNB Scam alleging that the Government did not take any action despite in the know of the whole scam and allowing Nirav Modi and others to escape.

In a press conference, Congress Party’s Chief Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala, Shaktisinh Gohil, and Pawan Khera lambasted the Government saying that after Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya, now Chota Modi has escaped.

Surjewala said that while a complaint was filed to the PMO about the entire fraud being perpetuated as early as on 26th July 2016. Yet, no action was taken either by PMO or any other authority. Multiple documents, including a list of 42 FIRs that were pending, were also in the knowledge of the Prime Minister. Despite all this, Nirav Modi traveled in the business delegation to Davos with the Prime Minister.

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Surjewala alleged that Under the Modi Government, entire Banking Sector’s ‘Risk Management System’, ‘Fraud Detection Ability’ and the ‘Regulatory Mechanism’ have been severally compromised.

“The DGM of Zonal Office, PNB had written to Joint Director, CBI on 29th January 2018 requesting the CBI for a lookout notice against Nirav Modi, so that he does not leave the country. Despite all this, how was Nirav Modi permitted to escape the clutches of law and leave the country?” Surjewala questioned.

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman reportedly blamed the UPA Government for the PNB Scam and said that this was detected during the present government. “Whatever is coming out is the result of the previous UPA Govt, action will be certainly taken on it”, she said.

Reacting to this Surjewala said, “This is a classical BJP double speak of diverting attention and relying on half-baked truth and presenting as gospel truth instead of the lies that they are.”

Addressing journalists Surjewala said, “Why doesn’t the Prime Minister and the Finance Ministry sources which are briefing you on this instead of the FM or the PM daring to come forward. Whether it is the Rafael deal or the Bank scam, they only debrief through unwritten press releases circulated to the media so that they are printed through source-based information. Why don’t they answer straight questions?”

“You are in power now for 4 years, a fraud is happening under your nose. All your regulations, risk management system, fraud detection ability, financial intelligent unit, PMO, corporate affairs ministry, ROC, what were they doing for 4 years? How did they permit the accused to escape?” he added.