Congress Files Legal Complaint Against Netflix's Sacred Games For Tarnishing Rajiv Gandhi's Image

| July 10 , 2018 , 15:34 IST

A Congress worker has filed a complaint against Netflix’s new show Sacred Games alleging that the show is tarnishing the image of former Prime Minister and late Congress leader Rajiv Gandhi.

Complainant Rajiv Sinha in his complaint has said, “There is a scene in the show where protagonist Nawazuddin Siddiqui is abusing the late Prime Minister and also mispresenting facts of his era.”

He further said that the show is crossing all line of decency and has brought the Indian film industry to a new low.

While speaking exclusively to News World India he said, “I doubt the intentions of the makers who have launched the series just before the 2019 elections."

He said, "I appeal to the authorities to launch an investigation into the same."  

Sacred Games has included episodes based around the 1975 Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi, and the government's forced sterilization plan to the Bofors scandal and Rajiv Gandhi's gaffe in the 1985 Shah Bano case, when he was accused of choosing politics over women's rights. The political incidents have been neatly stitched in the narrative, the script has been unsparing in its scorn.

The fourth episode, titled "Brahmahatya", begins with Gaitonde accusing Rajiv Gandhi of playing politics in Shah Bano's triple talaq case.

He says, "Shah Bano ko alag jalaya, desh ko alag. She took her husband to court and won. But the Prime Minister told her to shut up and reversed the court's judgment. Even Hindus criticized him. To please them, Ramayan, the TV show, aired every Sunday morning when the entire country glued to their televisions."

The officer-in-charge at Kolkata's Girish Park police station has accepted the complaint by the Congress leader.