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'Compulsive Contrarians' Are Manufacturing Logic To Run Propaganda Against Modi Govt, Says Arun Jaitley

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| January 17 , 2019 , 15:37 IST

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday lashed out at Opposition parties, whom he termed as a new class of "compulsive contrarians" in his Facebook blog post.

He said a new class of compulsive contrarians had emerged who have “no qualms about manufacturing falsehood” and who believe “that this government could do no good”.

In a blog post-Jaitley, who is currently in the United States undergoing medical treatment, cited a list of what he said were examples where the ‘compulsive contrarians’ have adopted double standards whenever it suited them. These include the Justice Loya case, the CBI vs CBI issue and the Rafale deal among others.

Jaitley said these "contrarians" have criticized everything from the 10 percent reservation in education and public jobs to the general category poor, the steps taken against black money, demonetization, and Aadhaar to the successful surgical strikes conducted by the Indian Army. Further, Jaitley accused these elements of "manufacturing falsehood".

He said, "They could concoct arguments even if they went against the general interest of the country. They could masquerade corruption as a crusade. They could adopt double standards whenever it suited them."

“Free speech and the right to dissent are critical components of democracy but falsehood, subversion and institutional destruction are not,” Jaitley said.

“The right to campaign for stifling funds to the economy in the name of autonomy, justifying corruption in the name of institutional independence, attacking Judges when the verdict is not favorable, manufacturing facts as in the case of Judge Loya’s death and the Rafale deal are indicative of the mindset of the Compulsive Contrarians,” Jaitley added.

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Concluding his post, Jaitley said nations were “built by those with positive mindsets and a national vigor, not by the Compulsive Contrarians."



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