CM Kejriwal's Advisor V K Jain Changes Statements, Says Saw MLA Hitting Chief Secretary

| February 23 , 2018 , 11:44 IST

In another twist to the case of alleged assault on the Delhi Chief Secretary (CS) Anshu Prakash by 2 Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLAs outside the residence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the CM's advisor V K Jain changed his earlier statement, now admitting the assault on the CS.

In the latest statement, V K Jain reportedly told the police that he had witnessed MLAs Amanatullah Khan and Prakash Jarwal hitting CS Anshu Prakash.

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Additional public prosecutor Atul Srivastava on Thursday informed metropolitan magistrate, Shefali Barnala Tandon that Jain's statement had been recorded before the police under Section 161 of CrPC and under Section 164 before a magisterial court.

"I got up from the meeting to go to the washroom. When I returned, I saw MLA Amanatullah Khan and Prakash Jarwal were hitting the chief secretary, asking him why he did not work. They pushed him and then held his chin in their hand asking him to work. Suddenly his glasses fell," said Jain in the recent statement.

In the earlier statement on the incident that took place on February 19, Jain said that as the meeting between the MLAs, CM and CS came to an end, he had gone to the washroom and when he returned the CS was leaving and he too went to his home. When Jain was questioned at the time, he had said that he could not say whether the CS was mistreated since he was not there at the time.

The alleged assault on the Delhi Chief Secretary sparked controversy as AAP MLAs claimed that no mistreatment was meted out to him, and the BJP accused AAP MLAs of manhandling.