Citing Chinese Deployment In Tibet, Congress Slams PM Modi Over 'Dhokalam'

| February 5 , 2018 , 14:06 IST

The diplomatic end to the 73-day Doklam standoff between Indian and Chinese troops last year was termed as a major victory for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government. However, recent reports of an expanding military presence of China in Tibet has raised questions on the success of Doklam.

According to reports, the Air Force of China's People's Liberation Army has been expanding its presence in the Tibetan region, with a nearly 20 percent increase in fighter assets as compared to last year.

Intelligence reports quoted by Times Now said, "the number of fighters is between 47 and 51 in the last three weeks. This number is higher by approximately 10 aircraft in comparison to the previous year."

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Congress slammed the increase in air deployment in Tibet, terming the end of Doklam standoff as 'Dhokalam' since the end of the standoff has apparently not resulted in a halt to Chinese military expansion.

"Chinese deployment in Tibet is increasing at an alarming rate. The Chinese now have an all-weather air deployment in Tibet. This is a huge departure from the past. Has Modi Govt totally failed in containing China? Where is the 'lal aankh' PM Modi had promised?" Congress tweeted.

"Chinese provocation doesn't end with Doklam. Chinese are upping the ante in Tibet as well. Why is the Govt in denial over the issue? Why doesn't Modi Govt reveal the true picture to the nation? Is our country safe?" it added.

Social Media and Digital Communications in-charge of AICC Divya Spandana expanded the allegations made by the party.

"Important point is, 10 years ago, there were actually no Chinese fighters in Tibet during the winter. Every year, there has been an increase in the number from 4 to 6 to 8. We are now looking at 47 to 51 in this last one month alone. Now the question is why," she tweeted.

"Why does China want to have 51 fighters in Tibet in Lhasa Gongka, in Hoping, Kashi and other places. What is the reason? The clear reason according to the Indian assessments is that the Chinese are preparing their best pilots, their best planes for warfare in the winter," she said.

"It has to be noted that it’s not just of planes, any ordinary planes, you have the J-10, the J-11, the JH-7, all these planes. In fact,Times Now has the exact details of what planes are in which bunkers and in which airfields. Also, why do you have an AWACS type aircraft there?" Spandana questioned.