'Chowkidaar Of India' PM Modi Is Quiet, Says Rahul Gandhi In Gujarat

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| October 10 , 2017 , 14:59 IST

In view of the upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat, political leaders are making their presence felt in the state. As Rahul Gandhi continues to the second day of his Navsarjan Yatra in Vadodara, he slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the massive gains that BJP President Amit Shah's son Jay Shah secured since the NDA government formed at the centre.

“Modiji launched Start up India in 2014, and Jay Shah’s company fortunes grew,” said Rahul, adding “The Chowkidaar of India is quiet even after his right-hand man’s son has made crores from Rs 50,000.”

Interacting with students at Sayaji Nagar Gruh, Rahul Gandhi once again targeted PM Modi, saying that Modi's marketing was great but no development has been made in the field of education.

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“Modi has turned the focus of education to ‘profit’. Congress wants to bring it back to ‘knowledge’,” Rahul said.

Rahul also targeted the BJP over the status of women in the state.

“It is the BJP’s thinking that till women remain silent, they are good. The moment a woman opens her mouth, they want to shut her up" he said.

“Have you seen a single woman in an RSS shakha in shorts? Why aren’t women allowed in RSS? They (BJP) have so many women in the party, but I have not seen a single woman in RSS,” Rahul said.

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“If you see the education statistics for girls, Gujarat does not feature in top 10; Modi’s words are hollow,” Rahul said. “It is in Congress’ nature to strengthen – we will do it in the sector of girls’ education,” he added.

In Rahul Gandhi's speech, he brought up the controversial murder of senior journalist and social activist Gauri Lankesh.

“An activist called me after Gauri Lankesh’s murder and said that he was scared as he could be next. I told the activist, ‘That is exactly how they want you to feel.’ They want to intimidate those who speak,” the Congress vice president said.

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“Why do you think Gauri Lankesh was shot dead? Do you think truth can be hidden? Truth cannot be suppressed, it can only be concealed for a time,” Rahul said.

The 'Navsarjan Yatra' campaign has been launched by the Congress in Gujarat reportedly to understand local issues and boost the morale of state party workers.

On the first day of the Navsarjan Yatra on Monday, Rahul Gandhi travelled through Ahmedabad and Kheda Anand ending in Vadodara. On the second day on Tuesday, Rahul began the Yatra from Vadodara and will continue towards the tribal district in Central Gujarat, Chhota Udaipur.