Chennai Engineer Burnt Alive By Stalker, Mother And Sister Sustain Critical Burns

| November 14 , 2017 , 15:46 IST

Obsessed stalkers killing the ones they profess to love, is a filmy concept that many have emulated to shocking results. However, a stalker in Chennai, not only killed the 22-year-old woman he claimed to love, he also set afire her mother and sister, who sustained 49 percent and 23 percent burns respectively and are in critical condition.

Aakash, a former classmate of the victim Induja, who was an engineering graduate, had reportedly been stalking her for more than a month, claiming he loved her. When Induja did not respond, he visited her house on Monday night, in Adambakkam in Saraswathi Nagar. Initially, Induja and her family were hesitant to open the door to Aakash, but he insisted saying he only wanted to talk to her.

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After Induja opened the door, Aakash poured petrol on her, dousing her mother Renuka and sister Nivedha as well and set them on fire. Induja succumbed to her injuries on Monday night itself, whle her mother and sister are in critical condition.

"Mother has 49 percent burns, daughter has 23 percent burns. They are very critical & are in ICU. If they need ventilator support, it is ready. We are providing them all medical facilities. We will be able to predict their survival only after 48 hours," Dean of the hospital said.

Induja's uncle speaking to media said that Aakash had been stalking her for a month.

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“He’s been stalking her for a month. My brother went abroad for some work. Perhaps knowing this, this man came home last night. They didn’t open the door. But he said he just wants to talk to her. He then poured the petrol on the girl and the mother and burned them and ran away,” said the uncle.

Aakash was absconding after the incident but was caught on Tuesday morning.

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