Oh Joy! Chef Vikas Khanna Reunites With Muslim Family Which Save His Life During Mumbai Riots

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| June 13 , 2018 , 15:09 IST

26 years after the horrifying Mumbai Riots, renowned Chef Vikas Khanna had a heart-warming reunion with a gold-hearted Muslim family which saved his life during the 1992 Mumbai riots. Over the years, he has shared his story with the world on various platforms.

He also narrated his entire experience during an interview with actor Anupam Kher last year, which supposedly played a crucial role in him getting touch with the family. The New York-based celebrity chef has been observing one-day fast during the holy month of Ramadan to honour the Good Samaritans.

This year, Khanna didn't just find the Muslim family but also culminated his fast with them. Following the heart-warming evening, the chef thanked those who helped him in connecting with his "souls". "All Heart. Tears. Pain. Pride. Courage. Humanity. Gratitude. This will be the most significant and important EID of my life," he tweeted.

The chef had described the incident in one of his Facebook posts three years back along the lines, "I was training in the kitchen of SeaRock Sheraton, Mumbai in 1992 December when riots broke and the whole city was under fire. We were stuck in the hotel for days."

He further elaborated during his interview that when the riots reached Ghatkopar, he became worried about his brother's safety who lived in the area. Being unfamiliar with Mumbai streets, he was trying to find his way around when a Muslim family warned him about the riots and took him in.

As the mob reached their house, they saved his life by calling Vikas their "son". Following the riots calmed down, the family sent a relative to ensure his brother's safety. After spending two days at their house, he went his own way without any knowledge of the Good Samaritans' whereabouts.