Change Mindset Toward Cleanliness, Urges PM Modi On Gandhi Jayanti

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| October 2 , 2017 , 13:44 IST

As the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi was remembered by the nation on his 148th anniversary, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind and Vice President Venkaiah Naidu among others paid tributes to 'Bapu' on his memorial.

Addressing a gathering at Delhi's Vigyan Bhawan, the Prime Minister talked about 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan', which was launched on the same day three years ago.

Stressing that the country cannot be clean unless the people change their mindset towards sanitation, the Prime Minister said, "The Swachh Bharat Mission is about both 'vyavastha' (preparation) and 'vichar' (mindset).

Urging the people to join the cause, he said, "Even if 1000 Mahatma Gandhis, 1 lakh Modis, all chief ministers and all state governments come together the dream for a clean India can never be fulfilled, but if 125 crore Indians come together that dream will come true."

"Nobody denies the need for cleanliness, but we don't want to do it ourselves. Instead of waiting for the government to create clean surroundings, people need to start involving themselves in the process," PM said marking the third anniversary of the campaign.

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"India faces challenges but that does not mean we run away from them. We will face them and work to overcome them," he said.

Citing a UNICEF report, the Prime Minister argued that precaution is better than cure.

The concerned report by the international body says that the families which have not built toilets in their houses spend around Rs 50,000 on disease-related issues like medicine, lost income due to sickness etc.

Also talking about the competition that has sparked, the PM Modi said, "Positive competitive environment created due to Swachh Bharat Mission. We see it in cleanliness rankings, how orgs work on cleanliness."

Finally, the Prime Minister said, "Let us start with our homes. Ask yourselves. Are you used to leaving things around for someone else to pick up and put in its place?"

"Think about the mother in a house, who ensures that her home is clean and hygienic. you might leave something lying around, but she always puts it back where it belongs. We must start from there. Do your bit at home. ensure it is clean. don't depend on others to do the work that you should be doing," he said adding an emotional approach to his speech.