Burari Mystery: Psychological Autopsies Suggests No Suicide, Death By Accident

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| September 15 , 2018 , 16:00 IST

The psychological autopsy reports in the Burari mass suicide case were handed over to the Delhi Police on Saturday. The reports have revealed that all the eleven members of the family who were found dead at their residence had not planned the suicide but this happened by accident.

The Delhi Police had asked the Central Bureau of Investigation to comduct psychological autopsy in the case. The report revealed that the incident was rather an 'accident that occurred during a ritual

The report read, “On the basis of the psychological autopsy study on the deceased, the incident was not a suicide but an accident that occurred during the course of performing a ritual. None of the deceased had an intention to put an end to his/her life.”

The police told the media, “The CBI's Central Forensic Science Laboratory has also analysed the notes in registers found in the house and statements of friends and members of the Chundawat family recorded by police. Psychological autopsy attempts to study a person's mental state by analysing medical records, interviewing friends and family and conducting research into their state of mind prior to death.”

What is Psychological Autopsy?

A physical autopsy is conducted to determine the physical conditions of the human body. In this the psychologists try and understand what caused the death, what kind of assault took place, if any poisonous substances were administered to the deceased, what kind of object was used during the assault and so on.

What is the Case All About?

Ten of the 11 members of the deceased family were found hanged from an iron-mesh in the ceiling of the house on July 1, while the body of 77-year-old Narayan Devi, the head of the family, was lying on the floor in a room of the house. Her daughter Pratibha and her two sons Lalit and Bhavnesh were among the dead.

Bhavnesh's wife Savita and their three children - Maneka, Neetu and Dhirendra were also found dead. The others who were found hanging were Lalit's wife Tina their 15-year-old son Dushyant and Pratibha's daughter Priyanka.