Burari Like Incident In Gujarat's Ahmedabad, Man Commits Suicide After Killing Family

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| September 12 , 2018 , 17:56 IST

A businessman in Ahmedabad allegedly killed his wife, teenage daughter and poisoned his mother before committing suicide on Tuesday. The deceased businessman in his suicide note claimed the dark magic for this step.

The deceased are identified as Kunal Trivedi, Kunal’s wife Kavita and their 16-year-old daughter Shreen. Kunal’s 75-year-old mother Jayshree is still battling her breaths in a nearby hospital.

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According to the police, In a long suicide note, Trivedi said that he wanted to give up alcohol but couldn’t as he was under the influence of dark forces. His letter also said that he was taking the lives of his family members under the influence of the same energies.

"I never drank out of my will. The dark forces made me drink. I tried to surrender myself to our deity, but it didn’t help," the hand-written suicide note stated.

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Media reports say that the three used to stay in a rented house in a locality named Avni Sky along with Kunal's mother. According to the police, his wife and the 16-year-old daughter consumed poison to kill themselves while Kunal hanged himself.

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The deaths were discovered after Kunal's relatives, who were trying to contact him and his family for 24 hours, got worried and called the police.