BS Yeddyurappa Calls Rahul Gandhi A Kid, Siddaramaiah Compares Him To Goebbels

| February 21 , 2018 , 17:27 IST

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Karnataka chief BS Yeddyurappa on Wednesday targeted the Congress President Rahul Gandhi over his recent visit to poll-bound Karnataka by taking a jibe and called him a kid. Yeddyurappa, the BJP chief ministerial candidate asserted that his party would win over 150 seats.

“By bringing that baccha (Rahul Gandhi) in Karnataka, we now know that we will win more than 150 seats here,” Yeddyurappa said at a BJP social media convention.

He had earlier alleged that the Congress was being indifferent towards the people living in slums. He said, “Congress is least interested in eradicating poverty. Even after 70 years of Independence, these people are still living in the slums,”

“It shows grand-old party’s concern for the slum dwellers. It is not an election gimmick, we genuinely want to help these poor people,” Yeddyurappa added.

Argy-bargy has been going on between Congress and BJP as the assembly elections in the state comes near.

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Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah, attacking the BJP over the multi crores PNB scam. He tweeted, “Finance Minister Jaitley blames Bankers/Auditors for the Nirav Modi scam. BS Yeddyurappa blames me for the scam. PM is silent. Maybe he is thinking of blaming Indira Gandhi for nationalizing the Banks or Lala Lajpat Rai for setting up the PNB.”

While Yeddyurappa blamed the Congress Government in the state for allowing Mehul Choksi to flee, Siddaramaiah said this was a tactic inspired by Joseph Goebbels. 

"Repeat a lie 100 times & people will start believing it to be true. You learnt this from Goebbels, Hitler’s Information Minister. PNB, CBI, the Finance Ministry & PMO slept at their job & you want to blame an unexecuted warrant in a junior court in 2016 in an unconnected case!" he tweeted replying to Yeddyurappa's accusation.

Elections to 224 member Karnataka legislative assembly will be held in April-May in 2018.