Bor Tigress Stuck In Farm Fence, Dies Of Electrocution

| October 14 , 2017 , 14:21 IST

The Bor tigress which was termed as 'problematic' and travelled over 500 Km to reach Navargaon in Bor Tiger Reserve which was considered as her home. The problem tigress who was requested to be shot twice has finally lost the battle of life and death.

In the early hours on Saturday, the tigress got electrocuted to death after trying to cross a highly electrified fence of the farm. For the past 78 days, she was being monitored 24*7 by the forest authorities.

Surprisingly, the tigress was wandering in the same area ever since her return to Bor but the incident took place only after the shoot-at-sight orders were received from the Nagpur High Court. Her corpse was found in the farm owned by Bhagwan Tekam in Sindhi Vihiri, which is 2km away from Navargaon.

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Tekam was immediately arrested after the incident. In his defence, he said he had resorted to electric current like any other farmer in the 138 sq km area of Bor to protect the standing crop from herbivores.

Reportedly, over Rs 2 crore was spent on her monitoring. The team alloted for keeping an eye on her received mortality signals after which they found her dead. She will be cremated in Navargaon after the post-mortem.

The 2-year-old tigress was released from Navargaon on July 29 and started her search for a new territory on August 8. She was considered a threat for people of Kondhali area after she killed 4 people and injured 4 in the past six months.

The Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court had rejected two applications to stay chief wildlife warden's order to shoot the tigress.