‘Blue Whale Challenge’ A National Problem, Require Awareness Warnings: SC

| October 27 , 2017 , 17:59 IST

On Friday, the Supreme Court said that Blue Whale Challenge, the suicide game is a “National Problem”. The apex court directed state-run broadcaster Doordarshan and private TV channels to show the awareness by telecasting the dangers about this deadly game on prime time programmes.

The Supreme Court also told government to provide a solution to ban this dangerous game within three weeks.

The government told the apex court that a panel of experts are investigating the dilemma of Blue Whale game issue and they will file the report within three weeks. The Blue whale challenge is also termed as a ‘suicide game’ which is said to behind the suicides of six children in the past few months.

In this online challenge game, teenagers are manipulated to do sequences of dark challenges just as listening dark songs and self- harming like cut their hands by blade and last challenge is suicide.

This dangerous game has claimed deaths of 130 youngsters in Russia. This is not the only game that forces individuals to commit suicide. There are several online games that have manipulated teenagers to commit suicides like ‘Choking game’, 'Salt and Ice Challenge', 'Cutting challenge', 'Fire Challenge', 'Eyeball challenge' and 'Human Embroidery game'.

The apex court has also asked the government to respond to a petition seeking to firewall potentially lethal and aggressive online games that are easily available on the internet. Seeing the concern of the Supreme Court, several state governments and schools have issued a list of guidelines to elevate alertness about the suicide game and have also urged parents to check the online activities of their children.