BJP Uncomfortable With Dalit Assertion, OBCs And Minorities: Siddaramaiah

| April 7 , 2018 , 15:45 IST

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday said 'BJP's Hindutva ideology is inconsistent with diversity.' These remarks followed an opinion piece written BJP MP Gopal Shetty where he tried to defend the latest Supreme Court judgement which has largely been interpreted as a dilution of the SC/ST act and caused widespread protests.

Siddaramaiah posted a comment on his twitter account which reads, "BJP’s Hindutva ideology is inconsistent with diversity. They are uncomfortable with the Dalit assertion, OBCs & minorities. They don’t like food habits of the poor. No wonder their MPs argue in favor of the dilution of SC/ST Atrocities Act.

Siddaramaiah even used the hash tags, #AntiDalitBJP #IndiaDoesNotTrustBJP.

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Gopal Shetty, a BJP MP representing North Mumbai wrote in his opinion piece, "there was a need for the court to step down in so that innocent people are not implicated."

BJP Karnataka reacted back on the remarks of Siddaramaiah, on twitter which reads "That's rich coming from a CM under whom, the conviction rate for Dalit atrocities was lowest in the country, 358 Dalit murders, 800+ rapes & 9000+ cases of Dalit atrocities. We have to pierce through this burkha of secularism that charlatans like Siddaramaiah wear & expose the truth."

Earlier, Supreme cited misuse of the SC/ST Act while issuing its directive, laying down safeguards such as provisions for anticipatory bail and a“preliminary inquiry” before registering a case under the Act.

Siddaramaiah has been giving stiff competition to BJP campaigners, including Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, with whom Siddaramaiah engaged in a 'twitter war'.

Ahead of the Karnataka elections the war between Congress and BJP has been intensified. Leaders from both the side can be seen making comments and mocking on one another. 

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The BJP had formed the government in Karnataka between 2008-2013 with 110 seats in the state assembly but lost to the Congress in 2013 by winning only 40 seats as compared to the Congress's 122.

The state assembly elections will be taking place on May 12, and the counting taking place on May 15. The term of the 224-member assembly in Karnataka comes to an end on May 28 and a new government would need to be formed by then.